Track days

     Do you still enjoy roaring engines, the smell of rubber against pavement?  Come hang out with S1A on event race days at Sonoma raceway, when events posted.  Come enjoy watching the races or roaming the individual product booths by all types of manufacturers.


Upcoming Events;

AUG 26th, 2018 @  06:30 - 17:00hrs

- HOSTED BY ON GRID: THUNDERHILL WEST (2-MILE)   tickets available @

     We also do routine services from minor to major services, oil changes, tire repairs, alignments for most passenger vehicles, vehicle restoration, track preparation.  If you're interested please feel free to give us call.

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 6:30pm

Phone: (916) 873-8089



Square One Autotech, LLC.

701 Galveston Street Suite 10

West Sacramento CA, 95691

We are currently open, give us a call or email us to make an appointment.
Weekend rides

     As motorcyclists, we understand the need to be free of a shell, the need to feel so close to flight that you can almost let go, in a non literal way of course.  Join selected members of the Square One Autotech team, and enjoy a friendly and responsible Sunday, as always please ride safely and wear protective gear

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