"Your first step forward"

      Comprised of good friends all having worked together for a number of years, sharing the same dream(s).  Our mission at Square One Auto is to provide exceptional quality service, in a timely, and friendly manner.  We come from the automotive service industry, specializing in Honda vehicles (includes Acura), but also have experience over the years working with Nissan (Infiniti), Toyota (Lexus), BMW, and Subaru.  Educating our customers about their vehicles is a top priority, so that it's easier to understand when and where to prioritize spending on your vehicle.  We understand the need of having a vehicle in today's day and age but, we also understand the want to play with your car(s), safely of course. 

     Like any automotive enthusiast or adrenaline seeker, sometimes you just want to go fast.   Which must be done safely, and on a closed course.  Square One Autotech enjoys spending days at the track, its the best way to really find out what you and your vehicle are made of.  Our track days aren't just limited to cars, motorcycles are an entirely different experience and can be exhilarating.  Owning a vehicle is a responsibility and not to be taken lightly, proper maintenance is is key to preservation.  It's important to enjoy life and have fun living it, it is equally important for us to be responsible for ourselves. 


Hong Pham


     Hong is also the main technician.  Most of the time he take his residence in the shop working on the vehicles making sure the work is performed to his expectations, clean and  efficient.  Hong has owned many Honda vehicles over the years and still owns 2 currently, He has 20 years of experience in the mechanical and body industries. 

Jon Weiland

Service/Parts Manager

     Jon is our parts guy, a proud Honda enthusiast from Michigan, he's traveled a long way to enjoy the northern California region.  He may be seen driving in his blue, equipped, Honda Jazz.  He has been able to convert his US spec Honda Fit among other vehicles.  As we all know cars come and go, but Jon and his Jazz are here to stay.

Chris Saldana

Service Advisor

     Enjoying the overall spirit of driving modified cars, to bikes, having the need to understand how these things work is important, therefore he has spent the past 9 years with the Honda service industry,(including service/parts office)learning and understanding the overall customer service process. 

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