"Your First Step Forward"



     Square One Autotech is your first step forward, we can help you keep your commuter car going, or help you start your dream vehicle build, whether it be for your weekend drives or getting your dream build ready for track days.  We are bringing over 15 years of experience in the automotive experience, we are also Honda trained technicians for the past 10 years.  Even though we have been training with Honda vehicles for the past 10 years, we also have experience with Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru vehicles.  We strive to provide the same quality standards of any vehicle manufacturer like supplying OEM (direct from vehicle manufacturer) and OEM Aftermarket parts for any service needed, whether you need an;

- Fluid services, Brake Fluid/Transmission Fluid/(Hydraulic) Clutch Fluid/Oil changes/Routine multi-point inspections

- Brakes service and inspections

- Axle services/replacement, Clutch replacement

- Check Engine light diagnosis

- Minor and Major services 30, 60, 90, 120k miles as recommend by original manufacturer routine maintenance intervals.

-A/C performance check and service

-Tire replacement and alignment service

- Detail work (buffing, waxing 6 stage process)

     If you'd like to setup an appointment please contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Our contact information is available on our contact page. 


     Age is just a number, we are never too old for toys, if you enjoyed building model cars as kid, chances are you might enjoy modifying your cars.  If you've got an idea for a car you've always wanted to own and make it original, we can help with that.  Square One Autotech provides custom vehicle services upon accepted disclaimer agreement pertaining but not limited to;

- engine and drivetrain replacement for off road use only vehicles, as well as, direct engine and drivetrain replacements approved by CARB and BAR for that vehicle identification number

- products installed for performance upgrades with current CARB permits assigned for that product and vehicle/engine identification number

- custom suspension modifications for off road use only.


Let us know what you're goals may be for your next/current project and we will be happy to help you find what you're looking for and begin your first step forward. 

     Product Installation and Service Repair Disclaimer and Warranty

    Off Road/Street Legal Part Installation(s):  Engine modification parts are for Off Road Use Only in California, unless possessing assigned necessary legal California Air and Resource Board number(s).  It is the owner's responsibility to operate vehicle(s) in compliance within California DMV regulations/law. Square One Autotech, LLC sells many products labeled for off road use only, and are not liable nor responsible for any vehicle(s) with off road use only parts installed, to be used on public roadways.  Off road parts are for off road use only, and not to be used on public roadways. 


     Fixed Labor Rate Repair (“FLRR”):  "FLRR" includes all labor and parts to repair

and service a vehicle for service and repair accepted and agreed upon by customer, or portion thereof. The following exceptions/exclusions for FLRR shall

not apply:

- Damage exclusion due to abuse issues that result from willful or accidental damage or misuse of the product.

- Vehicle with multiple defects resulting in more time needed, to properly perform service or repair, found during further inspection of vehicle upon beginning service of vehicle. 


     Service and Repair Limited Warranty: Any service and repair performed by Square One Autotech, LLC will be warranted by a 90 day period, and will begin on the return date to the customer after the service has been performed.  This service repair warranty doesn't apply to separate defects causing the original problem to return, nor the original defect returning due to the following:

- abuse defects caused by intentional or accidental damage;

- operating vehicle above service repair recommendations noted;

- any repair or service altered by a customer, or third party within the 90 day warranted period pertaining to service performed by Square One Autotech.

     In an event that Square One Autotech after completely examining a vehicle for diagnosis of a leak, noise, not excluding engine tear down if necessary for agreed diagnosis, and or electrical defect, is unable to confirm vehicle diagnosis according to prior service order agreement, a reduced fee will be assessed in replacement of the FLRR, depending on customer agreed diagnosis time stated on prior service agreement.  Upon customer approval of any form of engine tear down service agreement, not excluding cylinder head replacement, clutch replacement, spark plug and valve adjustment, timing belt service and drive belt services, the customer thereby acknowledges that upon performing any type of engine tear down service, but not limited to previously stated services, Square One Autotech, is not liable for any defect resulting in a service not being able to be completed, or engine tear down service unable to be reassembled, without requiring further labor or machining time, or damage(s) found, caused by but not limited to, internal engine damage, heat damage, negligence, or customer abuse resulting in an engine being deemed repairable.

"Service light on?  Hear something funny?"

Trying to keep your commuter, commutable, needs brakes or routine service check up?

Give us a call to setup an appointment or stop by if you prefer to speak in person.  "Square One Autotech, your first step forward"

Like getting dirty?   So do we

We just drive lowered cars, we drive lifted too.  Custom suspension work for all kinds, because all cars matter.  With any suspension work alignments are always recommended to ensure you're on the right track. 

"Oh yes, there will be toys"

Who doesn't like toys, Square One Auto likes toys, we especially enjoy building them.  We imagine all cars are 1/10th scale models, they can be completely taken apart and modified.  If you look to your left, you'll find one of our toys being assembled.  If you've been thinking of the purchasing your dream car in high school, and would like to have it in pristine condition, give us a call.  We can help you find that right car to start with and build to your liking.  We want to be your first step forward.

Parts Ordering:  If you're interested in parts, we have a wide variety of manufacturers to choose from.  There are a few options to purchase parts with us.  Give us a call, email us providing needed information such as vehicle year make and model and part(s) you're looking for.   Our website is still under construction and we are currently adding the parts sections. 

     Product Warranty:  For every product sold there will be no warranty whatsoever, if a defect(s) is found to be caused by customer abuse, negligence and or mishandling via shipping or customer.  Every product purchased is covered by the original manufacturers warranty only, no exceptions.  The customer is responsible for proper and legal use of any product, off road use only product purchased from Square One Autotech.